Why donate your body to AGA?

Contributing remains to science helps more than the scientific professionals,  and aspiring physicians and other healthcare practitioners of today. By making such a gift, the donor endows future generations with unique knowledge and expertise by giving them access to the highest form of medical training: direct cadaveric study and analysis.

Whole body donation helps to advance biomedical research by supplying materials that quicken the pace of life-saving insights. Fields such as orthopedics, plastic surgery, biomedical engineering, cardiology, gastroenterology and pulmonary medicine have made important advancements through the use of cadavers.

The bestowment of human remains can benefit more than the medical and scientific community. Army medics, Navy corpsmen, police and firefighters as well as dentists, nurses, physical therapists and speech pathologists derive enormous benefit in their training from the study of human remains. Their use of cadavers has improved the skill level of each of these groups. This improvement in skill, knowledge, and insight inevitably gets passed on to subsequent generations.

Download Forms

Below are the two forms needed to complete your donation.

Please return these two forms to the AGA and keep a copy for your records. The AGA also recommends giving a copy to the person responsible for your final arrangements. Download the Qualifications for Acceptance document.


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